A Great Future in Nursing Awaits.

Want to Become a Nurse?

Clinical Placements

As a Northeastern ABSN student, you’ll get a first-hand look at the nursing profession inside a diverse group of healthcare facilities both within the Boston metropolitan area and in surrounding communities.

You'll complete more than 400 hours of real-world clinical experience in a variety of settings across the healthcare coninuum. Settings include:

  • Community Hospitals
  • Teaching Hospitcals
  • Outpatient Centers
  • Community Healthcare Centers

While we can’t guarantee placement at specific clinical sites, you can rest assured that we’ll place you in environments that are conducive to learning and promote your personal and professional development.


Attend a university that U.S. News & World Report ranks among the top 50 in the nation.


Join a university built on a tradition of experiential learning and engagement with the world.


Experience the critical importance of teamwork in interprofessional practice and research.

ABSN Program Graduate, 2019

Every clinical experience, you learn a little bit more, you grow a little bit more in your confidence and feel a little bit better about what it is that you’re doing.


ABSN Program Graduate, 2019

“By participating in the co-op, I felt more confident in my skills and my ability to grow in this profession.”