Accelerate Your Nursing Education.

Complete a fast-paced blend of online and onsite courses.

Earn a BSN in 16 Months

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  Online Courses 

Learn the fundamentals of the nursing profession, anytime, anywhere.

  Nursing Labs

Develop nursing skills and clinical judgment in a mock hospital setting.

  Clinical Rotations

Gain real-world clinical experience in diverse areas of nursing practice.

Get a Good Mix of Instruction 

If you have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree, our full-time, four-semester ABSN program can get you moving on your nursing education as soon as possible. The program features a rigorous blend of online and onsite curriculum that establishes your foundation for being able to deliver safe, effective, and ethical nursing care.  



ABSN Program, Class of December 2019
Relocated to Charlotte from Pennsylvania


"It’s an accelerated program, which can seem daunting to a lot of people, but it’s manageable and you get the real-world application that you really need for nursing"

Grow Through Clinicals

Our clinical partnerships throughout the Charlotte area provide you with access to diverse areas of nursing practice, from adult health to pediatrics to public health.



ABSN Program, Class of August 2019
Relocated to Charlotte from New York

"The responsibility we have each day that we walk into clinical is greater than the previous semester. We get to thinking and acting like a nurse"

Fast-track your nursing career.